The Funeral

The funeral is an opportunity to capture special memories and recall moments of pride and delight in the life of the deceased.

We will personally attend to the funeral arrangements

Funerals enable families and friends to express the sadness and grief that are part of the process of farewelling someone who has touched on their lives. They also provide an opportunity to capture special memories and recall moments of pride and delight in the life of the deceased.

Woolertons’ Funeral Home will help you pay tribute in a way that captures the special qualities of someone who has meant a great deal to you.

Service sheets

An order of service that covers hymns, quotations, invitations and directions may be provided at the funeral. High quality photos are an important feature of well-presented service sheets, as these often provide a lasting keepsake for family and friends. Some people like to design and print service sheets using their own resources, though with the short time frames and disrupted life patterns that can surround bereavement, this task can become an unwanted pressure. If this is the case, formatting and printing can be completed by Philip or through a professional printer.

Audio or video recording

If family members or close friends cannot attend the funeral because of distance, or for any other reason, they may greatly appreciate having access to a recording of the service. Sometimes primary family members find that emotions are a barrier to listening on the day of the funeral. A recording allows them to appreciate tributes and eulogies at a later time. Some people decline this service as they feel that they will not wish to recall that point in time at a later date.

Memorial register

A signature book can be placed at the entrance to the venue of the funeral ceremony for attendees to sign. This may be personalised and provided by your family. Alternatively, your funeral director is able to show you a sample.

Photographic displays

Photographs can be compiled into a DVD photoshow presentation which can be played before or usually during the funeral.  Alternatively photographs can be placed on a photo board placed on an easel. This needs to be arranged before the funeral.


Music can be very powerful and is a comfort at a time of grief and loss. Music that has significance for your family can be played as part of the service. Special hymns or songs create a sense of togetherness for everyone attending the funeral. Favourite music may be supplied on CD or as i-tunes. An organist or pianist will often accompany the congregation, if hymns are selected. Musicians such as a piper or a soloist can also enhance the funeral.


Meeting and greeting each other over a cup of tea and light refreshments after the funeral can be an important part of the occasion. It is a time for people to give and receive comfort from each other, share more stories about the bereaved person and rebuild connections.
Some families may appreciate a return to the old tradition of having those attending the funeral bring food to share after the service, rather than having professional catering.


A special poem or Bible reading will give extra meaning to the ceremony. Woolertons’ has a selection of appropriate poems, verses and readings. In addition, the internet is a valuable resource for writings pertaining to loss and grief.


People want the best for their loved one – and Woolertons’  can provide that. There is the choice of a Mercedes or a Buick, so that loved ones can depart in style.


Floral tributes are highly personal. They can be displayed on the casket and also at the funeral venue. Families may use a florist of their choice, or your funeral director can refer you to a florist. After the funeral the flowers can either remain with the deceased or be returned to the family, or other destination.


A funeral can be further personalised by the display on the casket of itemssuch as medals, or any other item that represents the person’s life. Any New Zealander is permitted to have their casket dressed with the New Zealand flag.

Family participation

It can be a positive experience for family members, including grandchildren, and close friends to have a role at the funeral. They may be ushers or casket bearers, or they may deliver readings. Taking an active part in the service honours loved ones, makes the service personal for your family and helps all involved to recall the ceremony in a positive way in years to come.

It was a great comfort to the family to know that Philip treated Tom with care, dignity and respect. Losing a family member and friend is a sad and at times traumatic experience for any family. Although devastating for us, it was made easier by the support, help, comfort and guidance that Philip provided. We would have no hesitation in recommending Philip's services to any other family. - Trevor Argument & Ruth McGrath

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