Before The Funeral

There is often confusion over where to begin, what needs to be done and by whom.
We’re here to help and support you with every step through this difficult time.

We will help you pay tribute

Woolertons’ Funeral Home will help you pay tribute in a way that captures the special qualities of someone who has meant a great deal to you.

When you work with Woolerton’s to plan a funeral, you can be confident the occasion will run smoothly, with every detail attended to. There are a number of choices to be made around how best to farewell your loved one. Woolerton’s Funeral Home helps families plan the most appropriate service by talking with them about the various options available to them. They will discuss with you:

Registering a death

Detailed information is required for the registration of a death, as per the Registration of a Death form.

A minister, priest or celebrant

You may already know of someone who you would like to take the funeral service. If you do not have a particular person in mind, Your funeral director from Woolerton’s can recommend an appropriate funeral celebrant, minister or priest who will meet with you and help you put together a meaningful ceremony.

Organisations and clubs

A variety of organisations may wish to participate in and contribute to the funeral in some way. Such organisations could be the RSA, bowling club, Rotary, Lions, Lodge, or the deceased person’s former workplace.


When establishing a day and time for the funeral, it is necessary to take into account when family members, the funeral director, the celebrant, and the venue are all available. It is also necessary to consider whether the cremation or burial will take place before or after the refreshments.

Burial or cremation

The deceased person may have left instructions regarding their wish to be buried or cremated. Otherwise the family needs to decide what is most appropriate for the deceased. If cremation takes place, decisions regarding the placement or scattering of ashes also need to be made.

Memorial donation

Although this is not an expectation, some people wish to express a final act of giving back to the community through donations to a charity of their choice. This would normally be included in the funeral newspaper notice so that people are given forewarning.

Casket selection

The  casket selected will often represent the taste and style of the deceased.  Woolertons’ provide a spectrum of high quality, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly caskets across a range of prices, to suit your requirements.


The deceased may have left directions about the clothing they would like to be dressed in. Alternatively, your funeral director can talk with you about what may be suitable.


Funeral venues may include churches, crematorium chapels, community halls or your home. The decision as to where the funeral is held will need to take into account the availability of the venue and the numbers you expect to attend the funeral.

It is sometimes difficult to estimate the number who will attend. Consider family members, friends of the deceased and of family members, and members of the wider community, all of whom may wish to support the bereaved or pay their respects to the deceased person.


As a qualified embalmer, Philip is able to provide advice regarding your particular situation. Whatever your decision, Philip will respect that.

For embalming to take place, consent must be given by a family representative or executor. The time frame between death and the funeral has been increasing in recent years, possibly because more people now travel from overseas. Understandably, some people simply need more time to prepare for the funeral. Temporarily delaying natural deterioration by embalming provides dignity for the deceased. Cold climate control is also an option. However, this restricts access to your loved ones and has other considerations which Philip will discuss with you, if required.

We would all like to thank you dearly for helping and supporting us in the passing of our dear father, husband and grandad John Raymond Bell. You always treated us with respect and nothing was too much to ask. We all would highly recommend your services to others. Thank you for treating dad with the respect and dignity he deserved. -Lisa Bell & Dean Murray, Josh, Mikyla, Arna, Jo & Paul Webley, ALex, Kath Bell and Jeremy Wild, Holly, Marie Bell.

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