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We remember that grief is a journey, not a destination and a funeral is a vital first signpost.  Funerals mark both the physical separation from the person that has died and a renewal of friends and family ties for the time ahead.

Before the Funeral

There is often confusion over where to begin, what needs to be done and by whom.
We're here to help and support you.
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The Funeral

The funeral is an opportunity to capture special memories and recall moments of pride and delight in the life of the deceased.
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After the Funeral

Although very important, the funeral is only the first step we take in ‘saying goodbye’
Continuing care is at hand.
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Financial Matters

Funeral costs can vary considerably depending on the wishes of the family.  Our prices are available so there are no surprises.
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Casket Selection

Selecting a casket is a matter of personal preference. The casket’s construction can be a major consideration when making a choice.
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Helpful Links

Other sites we hope you will find useful.
We try to list sites that complement and extend the information on our site.
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On behalf of the Peach family, thank you for the outstanding part that you played when Mum passed away. All aspects ran so smoothly and the stress on the family was minimal. Thank you so much - it was greatly appreciated as was the "after-care" with your collection of Mum's ashes. We all believe that we were very fortunate to work with you. - Barbara Stewart and Family