COVID-19 Update – Alert Level 4

The Funeral / Embalming sector are seen as an essential service however restrictions have now been put in place to limit the services we provide our communities. Woolertons’ Funeral Home will be open by appointment only.
NO PUBLIC OR PRIVATE FUNERAL SERVICES ARE TO BE HELD as per the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health (Updated 25.3.2020)
At Woolertons’ we take the health and well being of our staff and client families very seriously. With the current unprecedented measures taking place to reduce the spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus), below are the measures we are implementing to support the community and our staff.

First Call:

When someone dies and you make that first call to us, in addition to our usual questions we will ask you if any family members are showing any signs of illness. Depending on your circumstances we may ask for the room/facility to be vacated when we transfer your loved one into our care. This is for the safety of our staff.


Our staff will don PPE (gloves and facemask) when they arrive. Please be prepared for this. Additionally, a facemask may be placed on the deceased. This is because air can be exhaled as we transfer onto our stretcher. Again, these measures are for the safety of all involved.
Arrangements to organise direct Burials, Cremations or Delayed Accommodation:
We will observe ‘social distancing’ when we meet to discuss these arrangements. Only one person (or one nominated family group that are isolating with each other are able to visit together but we will limit the number of people depending on how many are in a group) will be able to come into the funeral home to organise these proceedings, this should be an executor or next of kin who has the authority to sign all the legal paperwork required. In some circumstances we may be able to do all of the arrangements via phone or Skype.

Embalming and Climate Control:

Some people may prefer for their deceased family member to remain in our care at the funeral home through embalming and climate control. With this option a funeral with your loved one present in a casket may still take place when gatherings are permitted again.

Funeral or Memorial Services held at later date:

Because we are unable to have any funeral services at the time of death, we will be able to organise memorial services for your loved ones once we are able to have mass gatherings again.
Philip and Erin Woolerton
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